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About Akiiki

Akiiki is a project by people for people, bridging all our minor differences. The key is Connecting Communication. The people who travel to Uganda with us, directly contribute to the power of connection in Uganda itself.


The funds we acquire with our non-profit are used to bring together people from different communities in Uganda. By training and facilitating learning processes in the field, Akiiki brings about a transformation in a region that is scarred by violence and conflict.


Akiiki creates mutual involvement among different stakeholders, including the local communities as well as travellers. The connection from heart to heart and from person to person creates trust, brings people together with their actual needs, and enables empathy, even if the differences seemed unbridgeable at first.


Contribute yourself

Do you already feel enthusiastic to be a part of this yourself? By joining our journey, you support the work of Akiiki: 10% of our revenue is invested in creating learning opportunities for local communities in Uganda.

Register here to experience the journey of a lifetime.


Does the story of Akiiki resonate with you, and do you want to do more? You can support this learning process in Uganda by a donating to Akiiki vzw. We really appreciate every support, it doesn’t matter if it is small or large! Feel free to contact us for more information about sponsoring or donations.