Embark on a journey with us

Fourteen days of living according to nature’s rhythm, to your own nature’s rhythm.


An open mind and the confidence to take the road that reveals itself – sometimes in the company of others, sometimes by yourself.


This is all you will need to transform into a joyful heart, more leadership and a connection with yourself and others in only two weeks.


Uganda is waiting for you.

Travel Itinerary



1. Entebbe
2. Kidepo Valley National Park
3. Mountains of the Ik-Tribe
4. Sacred rocks of Kaabong
5. East Africa’s largest traditional village
6. Volcanic Mountain Moroto
7. Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve
8. Sipi Falls and Kapchorwa, origin of Uganda's Olympic Runners
9. Jinja, source of the river Nile

Travel to the northern Karamoja region, one of Uganda’s most beautiful and pristine regions.

A flexible programme: the key is not the activity but the process. The coaches will decide on activities and trips based on the needs of the individual participants and of the group. You can count on meetings that do not follow a fixed schedule, in a gorgeous but also challenging environment that will help you let go and embrace the experience. Your perception will become sharper and you will learn to trust the Now.

Map Uganda Akiiki trip.JPG

Practical matters

DURATION: this is a 14-day experience, with 12 days spent in Uganda and a 2-day introduction to Connecting Communication in Belgium. There will also be a half-day reunion back in Belgium.

TIMING: two trips every year, every time in February and November.

FLIGHT: participants will book their own flights to and from Entebbe. Our journey will start and end at the ViaVia Travellers Café & Guesthouse in Entebbe. This allows everyone to come earlier or stay longer as they please. We recommend booking tickets with travel agent Joker because of their excellent service and reliability.

​PHYSICAL CONDITION: we will pack our hiking shoes and participants who are interested can try mountainbiking or join a runner’s training with runners of the Olympic team. This journey is accessible for everyone with a normal physical and mental health. We will always take your wishes into account when proposing activities.

ACCOMMODATION: we will be staying in guest houses, safari tents and hotels. Usually we will have rooms with two beds.  On occasion two participants will share a double bed, so we appreciate your flexibility. Bring a lightweight sleeping bag and/or a sleeping bag liner.

GROEP: the group will consist of at least eight and at most twelve participants.

PREPARATION: you will receive detailed information before we embark on the journey. The preparatory 2-day training in Connecting Communication will be at De Broeikas in Neervelp, Belgium, on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 January 2019. You can stay at a comfortable B&B nearby in case you want to stay the night.


Responsible tourism

Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. Tourism contributes with more than 10% to the global GDP, which means millions of families worldwide depend on tourism.


Akiiki & Kara-Tunga believe in the positive power of tourism: we strive to improve the socio-economic situation of the local communities we collaborate with. We do this by contributing to their livelihoods, by paying attention to their wellbeing and by treating their culture with respect. In everything we do, we have a heart for the environment and nature. On top of that, we offer our customers a once in a lifetime experience, so we go for a win-win situation! We truly believe responsible tourism can be a driving force for sustainable development in Karamoja.


By not working with intermediaries, we can guarantee your money will go directly to the local communities. Considering that, we ask for your understanding that because of this, you cannot pay the complete payment in one time.


ZWe do our bit with Akiiki and Kara-Tunga. Kara-Tunga strengthens the tourism sector in Karamoja with the Karamoja Tourism Academy. With this initiative, we offer young Karamojong a chance to improve their skills and knowledge, in order to have more opportunities within the growing tourism sector. At the same time, we stimulate them to preserve the unique cultural heritage in Karamoja and to actively contribute to sustainable tourism.

Akiiki invests 10% of the amount you pay for this trip directly in the local community. We do this by bringing Connecting Communication to the people of Karamoja. This way, we create connection in a region that harbors a past of violence and conflict.