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Collaboration is the buzz word of our time. But how do you really work together?


We believe that people will only reach their full potential if everyone can contribute to the process, starting from their own self-knowledge and vulnerability.


Connecting Communication helps you to get in touch with what you need at any given moment. It will inspire you to communicate what you need in a respectful way, and to express how others can contribute to these needs. Listening with empathy to hear the needs of others, while recognising and acknowledging their value will create heart-to-heart communication.



Uganda is a country of superlatives and contradictions. You will be amazed by the remote northeastern region of Karamoja, with the Kidepo Valley National Park as its key attraction: here, you will find proud lions, zebra and waterbuck sharing the savannah, and cheetahs and wild dogs enjoying ultimate freedom. The knobbly mountains and steep slopes are overwhelmingly beautiful.


Many decades of relative isolation have enabled the Karamojong people to preserve their unique ancestral cultural heritage, and you will be amazed by them more than once.


These welcoming and open people will make you fall in love with Uganda in a heartbeat. They will share their stories and smiles with you.

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Are you looking for more substantial depth and connection in your life? Or are you quite satisfied, but never shying away from an interesting challenge? Are you looking for new insights for your professional situation, or would you simply like to feel more in charge of your life? Whatever your angle, you are more than welcome.


When you get away from all your daily habits and routines, you’ll automatically find your core natural rhythm and you’ll start to feel what you really need. Not through difficult discussions and strict methods, but by embracing the Now: accepting whatever comes your way, letting go of structures and planning, and surrendering to the day. Every day again.


After your journey, you will return with a sense of satisfaction, joy, and renewed energy. You will have new insights to implement Connecting Communication in your professional world and your private context. Take charge of your own life, invest in meaningful relationships, and approach everyone and everything with empathy.

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“Marijke has a unique way of looking at people: optimistic and loving, regardless of your background. This is very appealing, urges me to think and act differently.”
Jasper D’Huyvetter, Joker tour guide